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Sell Samsung PhoneSell your Samsung Galaxy S7 with us & skip the hassle.

It can be a hassle selling your S7 by yourself. Not matter if you sell it online or locally you will have to do some kind of leg work.

For the person who wants to get the most for their phone this is the best choice. You will always get the most selling your Samsung Galaxy s7 this way.

When you decide to use Recycled Cellular you are getting a guaranteed sale without any extra hassle. Simply get the current buy back quote, fill out your information and get your free shipping kit. We take care of everything and pay you within 2 business days of getting the phone.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beast of a phone. The specs on the S7 is top tier and will be a good phone for many years to come. However Samsung releases a new version every year with promises of something better. If you plan on upgrading to the newest version we make sure your old phone won't collect dust with our sell it fast process.

When you sell Samsung Galaxy S7 to us it is a great way to pay for the new, upgrade at the store. However you will want to make sure that before you send us your phone that it has been completely wiped (factory reset). Doing this will ensure your Google account os removed from the phone and that ALL of your information remains secure with the data wipe.

It is important to note that in order to get the full amount quoted the phone you are selling must NOT be reported lost or stolen and must be removed from your account.

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