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At the time of its release the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a work of marvel. It was leaps and bounds better than it's predecessor, the Galaxy S3. While new models being released render the S4 obsolete, there is life yet in this wondrous Android smart phone. In reality what I am trying to say is why should you let your old Galaxy S4 sit around dead in a drawer somewhere when you can Sell Galaxy S4 for some serious cash? Not only do we buy them in perfect working order, we will also buy them with a cracked screen as well. Not all damaged phones are created equal. While we will buy them cracked we will not buy them totally demolished or dunked inside of a pool. Sell Galaxy S4 with us knowing that you got more than the other guys.

Ok, so now you are thinking about. Should I Sell Samsung Galaxy S4 to RecycledCellular or should I invest the time and money to list the phone myself and get a little more? This is a valid question you should ask yourself. Take into consideration that if you Sell Galaxy S4 online on an auction type site there are seller fees and shipping costs associated with the online sale. In addition to this you will have to warranty the S4 for at least 30 days per the seller agreements depending on which site you sell it on. You can also list it on your local classified site of which you will have to invest your time. Take the hassle out when you Sell Galaxy S4 to us. We will get you more than the other sites and do all the hard work. So, why would you want to sell it yourself when you can sell it to RecycledCellular?

It is important to note that we have strict guidelines on phones reported stolen. There is zero tolerance against buying phones that have been reported stolen. If the Galaxy S4 you are trying to sell is not yours, then please do not sell it to us.

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