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How is my Samsung Galaxy worth any money? Believe it or not when you upgrade to the newest model your old model such as the Galaxy S3 is still worth something to someone. What we do is buy in bulk from customers like yourself that has older model phones such as this who wants to get the most cash for their Samsung Galaxy S3. When you Sell Galaxy S3 to us we will give you a no hassle quote for more than the other guys. We even take the hassle out when you Sell Galaxy S3 by sending you a pre paid shipping kit to safely & securely send us your phone. So get your online sales quote today and let us do the hard work, you will be glad you did.

So how is the value of my Galaxy S3 calculated? When we calculate the buy back price for your Galaxy S3 we take all sorts of information into consideration. The most straight forward consideration when you Sell Galaxy S3 is the cosmetic condition. Above all accurately describing the cosmetic condition of the Galaxy S3 you are selling will get the the right quote and the most amount of money. There are also other considerations when you Sell Galaxy S3, for example the carrier it is locked to will fluctuate the price a little. We also determine what the demand for your Galaxy S3 is in the resell market as well as the average selling price. Samsung Galaxy S3 is an older model phone so the value is not what it once was. The Galaxy S3 serial number (ESN/IMEI) must also be checked to ensure that it is eligible to be reactivated on another line. If the serial number is bad due to it still being on another line then we will pay you the damaged price. If the phone has been reported lost or stolen we will not buy it as we have a strict policy if you try to Sell Galaxy S3 reported lost or stolen.

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