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Sell Galaxy Note 3

Sell Galaxy Note 3 online for cash, get more with RecycledCellular.

What so are you going to do with your old Galaxy Note 3 now that you upgraded to the fancy Note 4? You can gift it to a friend or family member, what a great git that would be. You can let it collect duct in a drawer in the hopes that it will serve as a back up smart phone or you can Sell Galaxy Note 3 for cash. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still a power house with a full range of high end features that are still relevant. The longer a phone sits the less amount you will get on the resell value. With the pace of new editions of smart phones being released it is better to Sell Galaxy Note 3 now for the most amount of cash before the next model is released.
Sell My Phone is made easy with RecycledCellular. To Sell Galaxy Note 3 simply choose the correct model and carrier your Note 3 is for. Then select the cosmetic condition your Note is in. Click the get paid button on the right and fill out the form to receive your free shipping kit. It's that easy as we will take care of the rest for you. The shipping kit arrives in a few days with a return envelope and packaging material. Once we get your Note 3 we will inspect it and run a battery of tests to ensure functionality. After this we will pay you either with a check or PayPal, it's your choice.

It is important to note that when you Sell Galaxy Note 3 that you make sure you accurately describe the cosmetic condition. Any Note 3 smart phones that are sent to us reported lost or stolen will be rejected. Also please make sure that the Note 3 you send us is deactivated and removed from your account. If you fail to do so and the Note 3 has a bad ESN / IMEI then it will be subject for a revised offer. Call us with any question you may have to Sell Galaxy Note 3.

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