Sell iPhone 4 for cash, Choose the carrier your iPhone 4 is on arrow

Sell iPhone 4 for cash, Choose the carrier your iPhone 4 is onarrow

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Sell iPhone 4Your iPhone 4 is still worth something, Sell iPhone 4 now to get the most cash.

You read right, we are still buying the iPhone 4 however this will not always be the case. With new versions of the of the Apple iPhone coming out on a yearly basis it is hard to believe that people are still buying these dinosaurs. You can't even find the iPhone technical specs on Apple's website anymore. There still is a market for the iPhone 4 out there however it is small, so small that the iPhone 4 is at times purchased as a glorified iPod. As of now the resale value is comparable to some iPods. You can still Sell iPhone 4 with us for more than the other guys so long as it works. We have stopped buying the iPhone 4 damaged, so make sure that you accurately describe your iPhone 4.
So why should you Sell iPhone 4 to us? This is what you may be asking yourself and I will tell you why. The smart phone market is unique and changing on a daily basis. There are many things to consider when you resell the iPhone 4. To simplify the answer; you save yourself time and the cost when you Sell iPhone 4 yourself. If you plan to Sell Your Phone the right way to have to make sure it can activate on the carrier the person is buying it for. If you Sell iPhone 4 on an online auction site there are seller fees and shipping costs. Selling locally on a classified site will save you the costs but will require more time and maybe even your safety.

Make it easy to Sell iPhone 4 by using us. We will make it easy for you by sending you a FREE prepaid shipping label and by giving you more than the other guys. So what are waiting for? Turn that iPhone 4 into cash.

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