About RecycledCellular.com

At RecycledCellular, we have a huge selection of smart phones we are actively buying/ This makes it extremely easy for our Customers and Clients to get more for their cell phones. We provide a simple to use website to browse and get a real time quote to Sell iPhone & Android smart phones.

From the start we have been able to provide the best quality services & prices to our customers from all over the USA. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest payouts, quality service all while remaining hassle free. Our priority is to provide a streamline service to Sell My Phone with Free Shipping and fast payments. From start to finish you will be amazed how easy it is to Sell Your Phone.

Our process is simple and straight forward. We continually refine our process through our comprehensive feedback's provided by our customers like yourself. There are 3 simple steps in the process to Sell My Phone. Get your online quote, get your free pre-paid mail in package, get paid. Its that simple. so what are you waiting for? Get a straight forward sales quote on your cell phones.

Getting Offers
Browse a wide selection of smartphones we are actively buying. Simply choose the carrier and model of your smart phone and we will give you a no haggle price for your smart phone. We do our best to give you as much as possible and take all things into consideration. It is very important to accurately describe the cosmetic condition and status of the phone you plan on selling. Failing to disclose the cosmetic condition correctly or not mentioning that the phone has a bad ESN will reduce the final payout on your device.

Get FREE Shipping
There is no shipping fee or any risk associated with selling selling your smart phone to ReCycledCellular. We do our best to make the whole process painless and streamlined as possible. After recieving your sales quote for your smartphone we will send out a pre paid return package along with packing material for you to ship us your phone. This is all at no cost to you. Simply get your quote, send us your phone and get paid.

Getting Paid
Don’t worry, you are in safe hands. Once, we receive your smart phone, its matters of 1-2 business days to issue you your payment per the agreement. We require this time to process your phone and make sure you are accurately paid. So long as the smart phone you sent us is the same model, cosmetic condition and in a clear status you will get the whole amount quoted. There are times when your item may be worth more than out initial quote at which time we will automatically pay you the quoted amount plus the extra value. In the event your smart phone does not match the quoted price we will send a revised offer based on the actual condition, model or status. You will have 14 days to reply to this revision otherwise we will automatically accept the revision and submit your payment. Payments are provided in 2 simple ways: PayPal payment or check by mail.